Behind Pepperpot (Short)

It’s more than just tea. This leafy infusion breaks the ice, brings people together, and gives you an excuse to linger a little longer. We want to make sweet moments sweeter and connect communities through tea. Savor every sip and enjoy every moment, alone or in great company, with Pepperpot Tea.
Pepperpot Tea is a woman-owned tea company. As a first-generation tisane house in America, we bring people closer together while empowering women in the industry. Our whole leaf tea is sourced ethically with love and blended to order.
Hi! I’m Jiyoon, founder of Pepperpot Tea Co. I’m a certified Q Arabica Grader (AKA, a professional coffee-cupper), and after stumbling into the magical land of tea, I wanted to marry my two favorite caffeinated beverages. I named my company after a woman-owned ‘20s tea room in NYC’s Greenwich Village. The energy was contagious, and it’s something that always lives on - long after the people and the physical objects fade away. Today, Pepperpot Tea is a living memory of Viola’s Pepperpot tea room, embodying Early America’s feminist spirit.