Where do you source your tea from?

We are constantly researching tea origins and types to expand our sourcing network. We prioritize teas crafted from smallholder woman-run tea operations. One example is our Alishan Oolong, processed by a multi-generational matriarch-run tea processing company in Taiwan.


Does Pepperpot Tea Co. source their teas directly?

Pepperpot Tea Co. partners with importers to source teas directly from farmers and tea operations around the globe that uphold ethical standards and sustainable practices.


Do Pepperpot Tea Co.’s sachets contain plastic?

No. Our tea sachet material is 100% plastic free and biodegradable.


Why did you choose the name ‘Pepperpot Tea Co.’?

New York in the ‘20s was a sight to behold - defined by fun fedoras, feathers, and fine tea. Inspired by the tea room craze of the time, Pepperpot Tea Co. is keeping the past alive by reviving the concept of tea rooms, whether you’re in the same room or chatting on Zoom.


Are all of your teas fair trade?

Whenever deciding to bring in a specialty tea for Pepperpot Tea Co.’s shop, we consider ethical practices at origin. Fair trade certification is a necessary signal of base-line labor standards for many tea terroirs. However, in several tea-growing areas, contextualized worker empowerment programs and localized support initiatives are prioritized over fair trade documentation costs. For this reason, we at Pepperpot Tea Co. approach each tea source on a case-by-case basis while looking to international labor certifications as foundational ethics indicators.