Behind Pepperpot


Our premium teas promote connection and cooperation everywhere. Tea rituals have bonded friendships for centuries. Reviving the spirit of empowerment invoked by women in 1920s tea clubs, we at Pepperpot Tea Co. seek to renew this legacy of gathering together. Partnering with carefully selected importers, our sourcing standards spotlight ethical practices and sustainability. The quality of our teas honors the unique character of each variety. We only showcase teas we would drink ourselves.



Tea is magic water. Whether chatting with friends over a hot mug of black tea or enjoying an iced herbal at a cookout, this classic beverage carries conversation and comforts connection. At Pepperpot Tea Co., we source select teas we love and share them with you:

  • QualityOur sourcing process begins with the teas. We consider the essentials: flavor, leaf grade, cup color, and most importantly, character- we value our teas’ personalities. To accomplish this, we find single origin teas that showcase unique terroir qualities and design small-batch signature blends we find particularly exquisite.
  • AccessibilityWe at Pepperpot Tea Co. believe everyone deserves great tea. When curating our lineup, we consider the diverse spectrum of tea preferences. We also prioritize value with every selection: you shouldn’t have to break the bank to brew a cup. Whether you drink herbal tisanes at night to relax or down a breakfast tea in the morning to get going, we have a tea for you. 
  • Ethical Practices and SustainabilityMirroring the spirit of empowerment bubbling in 1920s New York City tea clubs, we illuminate the importance of ethical practices and sustainability when partnering to bring in specialty teas. Prioritizing working with smallholder women-run tea operations, vetting farmers’ growing practices, sourcing biodegradable packaging materials, and reviewing certifications of ethical standards are all foregrounded values that embody our vision for a fair and responsible tea supply chain.