Meet Jiyoon

After years of discerning coffee quality at a professional level, our founder Jiyoon Han fell in love with coffee’s often-ignored cousin: tea. The complexity of flavor, diverse variety, and functional quality of the infusion captured Jiyoon’s full attention. Beyond the characteristics of the leaf itself, Jiyoon conceived of tea not only as a meditative beverage, but also as a means for relating to others.
This realization (along with input from peers at Harvard Business School and Innovation Labs) birthed Pepperpot Tea Co. Jiyoon wanted to share tea discoveries with the world. To quote our founder, “Pepperpot Tea is named after a 1920s tea room founded by woman entrepreneur Viola. The original building of the tearoom still remains in Greenwich Village in NYC. People and things may die, but their energies live on. I like to think of Pepperpot Tea as a reincarnation of Viola's Pepperpot and the feminist spirit of early America.”
We at Pepperpot Tea Co. understand the qualities and stories of our teas are equally important to creating a fairer world. We acknowledge selecting excellent teas while helping improve supply chains is an ongoing and necessary process. We’re happy to have you with us on the journey.